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10 Best safari destinations to tour in Kenya

safari tour in Kenya
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Kenya’s stirring landscapes conjure the perfect image of an African safari setting, with dramatic mountain ranges, the majestic Great Rift Valley, glistening lakes and vast open savannas, all part of the 10 best places to visit in Kenya on safari.

Which is the best safari destinations to tour in Kenya?

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10 Best safari destinations in Kenya https://saunterlandtours.com/tour-destination/kenya/

  1. Masai Mara National Reserve. It is the most renowned safari park in Kenya home to big five as well as the spectacular animal migration
  2. Lake Nakuru National Park known for the beautiful Flamingoes .
  3. Amboseli National Park known for stunning pictures of animals against the backdrop of world’s tallest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.
  4. Tsavo National Parks which is among the largest duo of wildlife zones in Africa
  5. Samburu Game Reserve which is famous for special five animals and unique habitats
  6. Olpejeta Conservancy known for rhino sanctuary ( Northern white rhinos) and the only place you can see chimpanzees in Kenya
  7. Diani beach in the coastal region of Kenya definined by striking ends silver sand and has loads of water sporting activities
  8. Nairobi National park known as the only park in the world close to a major city
  9. Aberdare National Park where the Queen of England visited as a princess and left as queen.
  10. Lake Naivasha which has Crescent Island game sanctuary where you can undertake a walking safari. The lake is also close to Hells Gate National park.

Which are best Kenya safari tours and holidays?

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Best Kenya safari holiday tours https://saunterlandtours.com/tour-destination/kenya/

  1. Half -Day trip in Nairobi National park
  2. Day trip in Olpejeta Conservancy
  3. Day trip in Amboseli National park
  4. 2 days Amboseli National park safari
  5. 2 days Masai Mara National park safari
  6. 3 Days Masai Mara National Reserve safari
  7. 3 days Olpejeta Conservancy getaway
  8. 3 days discovering Samnuru National reserve
  9. 3 days exploring Amboseli National park safari
  10. 4 days Lake Nakuru-Masai mara safari
  11. 4 Days Diani beach holiday
  12. 7 days bush and beach holiday
  13. 7 days taste of Kenya safari
  14. 10 days exploring magical Kenya safari
10 Best safari destinations to tour in Kenya, Saunterland Africa Tours

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