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Diani Beach in Kenya’s coastline


Kenya boasts of a shimmering coastline along the Indian Ocean which makes it a home to incredibly stunning beaches. Spend some days lying on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean along the  Kenya’s Coast.  The Kenyan coast is broad and has many places to explore. Some of beaches include:

  • Diani Beach-This beach is a must visit by everyone. It hands down the most beautiful beach in Kenya and one of the best in the entire African continent
  • Bamburi Beach: 
  • Nyali Beach: This is a coastal urban location with numerous modern facilities and amenities including a theme park, malls and hotels. The beach is way cleaner and scenic.
  • Lamu Beach: The beautiful group of islands in Lamu is one of the most popular holiday destinations for beach holidays in Kenya. Yellow fine sandy beaches, blue lagoons, fabulous dune landscapes, a lot of peace and a friendly Arabic culture are only some of the many highlights of the Lamu archipelago
  • Tiwi Beach: A Remote Haven. Tiwi Beach is one of the best stretches of beach along Kenya’s coast. It has unspoiled white sands, shady coconut palms and casuarinas trees and a large rock pool in which you can take a refreshing dip
  • Watamu Beach:Featured by a blinding white-sand beach and a soft breeze, Watamu is a charming slice of coastline. The town has its own marine national park. Besides having natural endowments, magnificent dining scene, Watamu also makes it easy to explore the nearby Gede ruins, Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve and the waterways of Mida Creek.
  • Kikambala Beach:One of a string of excellent stretches of white sand which lie immediately north of Mombasa, Kikambala Beach is one of the quietest and the most serene. Part of this sense of space comes from the fact Kikambala Beach runs for approximately 12 kilometres in total
  • Gazi Beach:Gazi Beach is located on Gazi Bay on the south coast of Kenya.Plush deep within palm plantations, lies the Unspoilt, Natural Untapped Gem of Nature.
  • Malindi Beach: Malindi has one of the most beautiful beaches ranging from golden white sand beaches to sand dune beaches to warm aqua waters of Malindi marine park. It is a stretch of several beaches and further north, it opens up to let in Galana river.
  • Shanzu Beach:The long coastline is covered with white sand on Shanzu, as everywhere else. The bottom is sand but the algae band stretches for 1,5 – 2 meters. There are no slippery stones here, like on other beaches. Palm trees grow along the beach zone and provide good shadow. While staying in Shanzu, you can also visit Heller Park. And by the park, there is carting which will attract both children and adults.

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